Welcome to Karamellan

Café & Restaurant at Drottningholm Castle

about us

In this historic building from 1880 we serve you classic swedish home cooked food. We also have coffee, pastry, sandwiches, beer and wine.

Karamellan is located right by the water and Drottningholm Castle. You can get here by buss or boat. The boat pier is just in front of our lovely outdoor dining area.

Drottningholm Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is our best preserved royal castle built in the 17th century in Sweden and which is representative of all European royal architecture from that time.

Read more about the castle on their website

opening hours

Jan-Feb: Wednesday - Sunday 10:00-16:00

Mars: Wednesday- Friday 10:00-16:00 and Saturday - Sunday 10:00-17:00

April: Monday - Friday 10:00-16:00 and Saturday- Sunday


May - September: Monday - Sunday 09:30-17:00

October: Monday - Sunday 11:00-16:00

November 1-20 Monday - Sunday 11:00-16:00

From 20/11 we are only serving Christmas buffet

December 1 - 22: Monday - Sunday, Christmas Buffet



with cod, shrimp, mussels, aioli & bread

160 kr

Mustard herring

potato puré, melted butter, lingon berries and lemon

175 kr


with chicken, pesto, sun-dried tomatoes & mozzarella

125 kr


with cream sauce, mashed potatoes, lingonberries & pickles

175 kr


with salad, tomato, coleslaw, French fries and bread

175 kr

Chévre chaud

on toast, beetroot, roasted walnuts, rocket salad and balsamico

178 kr

Grilled burger

cheddar, tomato, bacon and French fries

188 kr

steak minute

grilled beef, tomato salad, sauce bearnaise and French fries

215 kr

menus for bigger groups

We arrange lunch and dinner for bigger groups, we have availability for 130 guests in our two dining rooms,

60 in the new Orangery and 70 in the old part of Karamellan.


Email: info@karamellan.org

Phone: 08 759 00 35